Pandemic and the fiction of delivery of a statement of intent

25 May 2022
Autorzy: Grzegorz Romanowski, Jacek Krentusz

During the pandemic, the legislature introduced several provisions that significantly change the rules of legal transactions. Their application raises doubts in practice, and their interpretation causes problems for courts and lawyers.

One of the problematic issues is the exclusion of the fiction of delivery of an unclaimed registered letter - in other words, "failure to receive an advice letter" means the non-delivery of a letter. Note: not from every sender and only mail sent in a specific form. Does this mean that if we do not receive a registered letter, for example, the termination of the contract will not take place? And what if the letter was sent by courier? How is this situation evaluated by the courts? These and other questions that arise in connection with Article 98 (1) of the Act on special support instruments in connection with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are answered by legal advisors from our law firm: Grzegorz Romanowski and Jacek Krentusz.

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25 May 2022

Autorzy: Grzegorz Romanowski, Jacek Krentusz

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