Open letter from Prof. Michał Romanowski to the president of the Warsaw District Court

23 August 2022    /   Protection of constitutional freedoms and rights
Author: Michał Romanowski

The legal security of doing business must be guaranteed by courts that are free and independent of politicians and power. Business needs a space of freedom. That is why, in addition to providing legal services to businesses, we are involved in the fight for the rule of law by representing, among others, judges Igor Tuleya and Pawel Juszczyszyn. Business, like all of us, needs, like air, the certainty that final court rulings will be enforced. Government officials do not respect court rulings. The latest example is provided by the President of the Warsaw District Court, Joanna Przanowska-Tomaszek, who refuses to enforce a security order directing that Judge Igor Tuleyi be allowed to rule. She believes that the order of the President of the Court of Appeals in Warsaw has the power to suspend the effects of a final court decision. What this means for business, including in light of the upcoming October 13 amendments to the Commercial Companies Code, our law firm's partner Michal Romanowski has written repeatedly.

We publish Prof. Michał Romanowski's open letter to the president of the District Court in Warsaw, Joanna Przanowska-Tomaszek.

23 August 2022    /   Protection of constitutional freedoms and rights

Author: Michał Romanowski

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