The initiator of the legal and business advisory firm was Professor Michał Romanowski, a recognised practitioner and theoretician of law in Poland. In November 2005, he founded Romanowski i Wspólnicy Law Firm together with his two brothers, Adam and Grzegorz Romanowski. Łukasz Matyjas has also been associated with the firm from the beginning.

The idea for the firm was based on the desire to combine the knowledge and experience of the founders, gained in business and in the consulting market, so as to offer clients a unique advisory service. Hence, from the very beginning, the Firm has benefited from a stable client base, which was significantly expanded afterwards.

During the 15 years of its activity, the Firm’s team has participated in the most demanding and spectacular business projects, transactions and litigations that have taken place in Poland. Our precedent-setting and creative solutions have set market and legal standards for years.

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The statutory vote dispersal mechanism

In 2009, there was an attempt to take over the Hungarian oil company MOL by a Ru...

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The problem of settling the costs of using capital in the case of the annulment (invalidation) of Swiss franc credit facility agreements.

It is becoming more and more recognised that the annulment (invalidation, as som...

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Securing an action under Article 439 of the Civil Code as a tool to block an illegal strike

Every project is unique. This oft-abused phrase found full confirmation during t...

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Withdrawal from shopping centre contracts in the face of partial inability to perform.

# Real Estate

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought dramatic changes to all industries. One of the...

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The capital group code as a basic tool for the effective and safe management of a capital group as a single economic entity.

# Corporate governance   # Financial market

The concept of the statutory management mechanism (known as the Group Code) is a...

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Indirect tender offers as a way to take control of a public company without reducing the subscriptions of the majority shareholder.

# Financial market

The structure was first invented and applied by Prof. Michał Romanowski for the ...

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