New equity partners at Romanowski & Partners law firm

5 May 2022
Autorzy: Łukasz Matyjas, Piotr Haiduk

It is with great pleasure that we announce that former Romanowski & Partners attorneys Piotr Haiduk and attorney-at-law Łukasz Matyjas has joined the firm's equity partners. The gentlemen have been associated with the Firm for 12 and 16 years, respectively. Co-founding the Firm with such experienced and committed experts is an honor and a source of pride for our entire team. Over the years, Lukasz and Piotr have proven that they can perfectly manage a team of lawyers, recognize the needs of clients, and can cope with the most difficult projects posed by legal and business reality. Thanks to their competence, among others, our law firm enjoys trust among clients ready to entrust us with handling their most difficult problems, and it is thanks to their work that the continuous development of the firm is possible.

"It was with great joy that we, together with Adam and Grzegorz Romanowski, decided to add Piotr Haiduk and Łukasz Matyjas to the group of equity partners of Romanowski & Partners Law Firm. Piotrek and Łukasz have been with us forever. Łukasz has been with us practically from the beginning of the Firm's existence and it was with him that we started building our Firm. Piotrek, on the other hand, is my alumnus, a student. Although he did not want to take the civil or commercial law exam with me, because supposedly I never have a ready list of questions, and this made the exchange of student questions useless, he finished his sixth year of studies with me by voluntarily attending a master's seminar already after his thesis defense - and he defended himself with me and with mega success. Luke and Peter have in common that they are the ones who chose our law firm. They both said they wanted to co-found our Law Firm and could not imagine it could be otherwise.

Today, after so many years of cooperation Adam, Grzegorz, and I are very grateful for their decision. We have been through a lot together, and we know that the partnership with Piotr and Łukasz is the key to the success of our Law Firm. Łukasz is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding litigators in Poland. Piotrek is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding business lawyers in Poland. Together we solve the most serious problems of Polish entrepreneurs, and not only theirs - I mean, for example, involvement in the cases of Igor Tuleyi and Paweł Juszczyszyn. The nature of our projects means that we can't brag about them, but issues that are unsolvable for others come to us. Because we have not only knowledge but above all imagination and emotional and cognitive empathy. As a result, clients place their trust in us. The DNA of Romanowski and Partners is formed by people like Piotrek Haiduk and Łukasz Matyjas." - Prof. Dr. Michał Romanowski.

Łukasz, Piotrek, congratulations!

5 May 2022

Autorzy: Łukasz Matyjas, Piotr Haiduk

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