The strength of our firm lies in our commitment to the personal development of each and every person who works here. This is necessary if we are to continue to meet the ever increasing needs of our clients in a world which is changing ever more rapidly and manage the increasing complexity of modern business relationships.

Building and perfecting the consulting expertise of our lawyers is our top priority. This is what enables us to render a comprehensive range of legal services regardless of the kind of service offered or the industry in which the client operates. Our expertise predominantly comprises:

  • knowledge of legal structures rather than legal regulations
  • analysis and synthesis skills
  • ability to present logical arguments and draw conclusions
  • ability to formulate our ideas, both verbally and in writing
  • communication and negotiation skills
  • presentation skills
  • ability to handle crisis situations
  • teamwork
  • project management skills

Legal regulations merely define the boundaries of a given solution. Knowing the regulations is therefore useful but it is not the be all and end all. Regulations are best recalled when you looked at them.

The diversity of projects, industries, roles (e.g. negotiator, strategist, analyst etc) and client requirements offers ample opportunity for everyone at our firm to develop their knowledge and skills.

Our lawyers are expected to train as barristers and solicitors (radca prawny, adwokat) or tax advisors (doradca podatkowy). We also underwrite their academic education by financing legal training and allowing time off to complete training, prepare for exams.

The partnership is equally open to those embarking on their legal careers and experienced lawyers. Recruitment is therefore given a great deal of attention as we want the decision to work with us to be the right choice for both parties. We are especially keen to create developmental opportunities to those setting out on their professional careers.