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“Great Small Shareholder, that is Enron in the Polish version” – article by professor Michał Romanowski /Rzeczpospolita

Rzeczpospolita 18 02 2020

„A contract or an employment contract for a manager – but it’s not the same “- article by counsel Przemysław Mazur / 20 01 2020

“Freedom of opinion: limits of expressing the worldview” – article by counsel Przemysław Mazur/Rzeczpospolita

Rzeczpospolita 31 12 2019

”The Dziubak case is not a revolution at all’’- a debate involving professor Michał Romanowski /Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna 03 12 2019

“The remuneration policy creates new obligations of public companies” – article by advocate Wojciech Grabowski and counsel Przemysław Mazur/ 20 11 2019

”The Supreme Court divided by the extraordinary complaint” – article by Piotr Szymaniak and Małgorzata Kryszkiewicz with a comment by professor M. Romanowski/ 04 11 2019

„ Professor Romanowski: The family foundation is worth fighting for”- article by professor Michał Romanowski / 21 10 2019 (2)

“An old member of the supervisory board of a subsidiary of the State Treasury does not have to obtain the opinion of the board” – article by advocate Piotr Haiduk and Piotr Kuźnicki / 21 10 2019

“Corporations want to be accountable just to God and history. – article by professor Michał Romanowski/Rzeczpospolita

Rzeczpospolita 17 10 2019

“Loss of the Status of a Minority Shareholder. Commentary on Supreme Court Resolution of 14 September 2016, III CZP 39/16” – article by advocate Piotr Kuźnicki / Czasopismo Glosa

Glosa 4/2019  

„Prof. Romanowski: New regulations will make it easier to find a paragraph for a company” – interview by Jolanta Ojczyk with professor Michał Romanowski/ 03 07 2019

“Polish government prepares a digital revolution for joint-stock companies” -article by Jolanta Ojczyk with a commentary by professor Michał Romanowski / 11 06 2019

„A fractional company and a fractional partner” – article by professor M. Romanowski / Rzeczpospolita

Rzeczpospolita 31 05 2019

“Parent companies will pay for the subsidiaries” – article by Damian Tokarczyk with an opinion by professor Michał Romanowski /Rzeczpospolita

Rzeczpospolita 25 04 2019 (2)

“A plea is enough, the guilty will be found” – interview with professor Michał Romanowski and professor Tomasz Siemiątkowski /Rzeczpospolita

Rzeczpospolita 25 04 2019 (1)

“Counsel Łukasz Matyjas explains changes to last year’s amendments to the Civil Code regarding the limitations periods”

pismo 25 03 2019

“Further obstacles for small companies will disappear” – article by the editor Marek Domagalski with an opinion by professor M. Romanowski/Rzeczpospolita

Rzeczpospolita 22 03 2019

“How to discourage from resignation from the Employee Equity Plans”- article by the counsel Przemysław Mazur /Rzeczpospolita

Rzeczpospolita 05 03 2019

“The amendment of the Commercial Companies Code may conflict partners” – article by Jolanta Ojczyk with a commentary by professor Michał Romanowski/ 01 03 2019

“Partner essential in the management board” – article by Patryk Słowik with a commentary by professor Michał Romanowski/Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna 28 02 2019