Romanowski & Partners law firm was established by three brothers: Adam, Grzegorz and Michał Romanowski in 2005.
Professor Michał Romanowski, Ph.D, a recognized legal practitioner and theorist in Poland and a member of the Civil Law Codification Committee in 2006-2015 laid the groundwork to set up this firm offering legal and business advisory services.

Each one of the partners has more than 20 years of experience in business and consulting services (legal and business advisory services) in international corporations and Polish firms.

The idea behind setting up the firm was the drive to combine the knowledge and experience of all the partners so as to be able to offer an unrivalled advisory proposal to clients of legal services. From the outset the firm had a stable client base which it subsequently developed significantly.

Since 2005 we have put together a team that has excelled in the most demanding and spectacular cases of litigation, transactions and business projects to have taken place in Poland.